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Get accurate and efficient tax preparation for individual tax returns, partnerships, corporations, estates, and trusts. All individual tax returns and applicable business tax returns are electronically filed, saving you time and hassle
We als ofile your Back taxes, Payroll taxes, MA Sales tax etc.
Are you tired of taking care of those record keeping and financial matters you know very little about? Its time you let IBG Tax Service help put your books and records in good shape. Outsourcing back office and time-consuming tasks like bookkeeping to IBG Tax Service can save you the costs and time of hiring in-house resources. Over 40% of America's businesses improve their profitability by getting their bookkeeping services from professional service providers
like us.
> Easy and Convenient
> Everything you need is included
> State tax payments and filings
> Forms 1099 and W2s at year end
> Cheaper than ADP & Paychex. As low as $39.99 monthly
   for first 5 employees.
> Guaranteed accurate calculations for all federal, state and
   local taxes
We offer a full range of consulting services specifically tailored for the self-employed small business owner, to help you grow and manage your business. We can help your business in the following areas:
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